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The MBC embraces purposelessness! Our aim is to energize a space with our activities, and suggest new interpretations for existing structures both in the social/political and environmental/architectural sense. Formalist aesthetics...patterned yet spontaneous movement...vibrant colors and actions…we are Jacques Tati meets DEVO.

Working as a team, we interact physically with everyday objects and technological devices by using them to perform unconventional, bizarre and highly non- productive tasks. The work proposes that everyday objects and technologies might be reinterpreted in absurd, playful, and strange ways, and that the nature of productivity and function be re-examined. This work questions levels of authority and control: are we in control of technology, our immediate environment, and institutional systems, or is the reverse true?

Our work has included photography, mediated performances (live-feed to video monitor or projector), live performance with projections, videos, video installation with projections, and video installation with sculpture. The MBC is particularly interested in spaces that offer a potential for site-specific work, and we are often drawn to irregular and notably compartmental areas or rooms. We work specifically to the confines of a space, and each space becomes heterotopic through the experience.