The MBC Rolling

The MBC Pushing Paper

The MBC Deconstruction

The MBC Rearranging Space

The MBC @ The Gallery

The MBC @ The Museum

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The MBC @ The University

The MBC in The Basement

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2007 | The MBC @ The Museum | 16 minutes 55 second video

This video shows an edited version of the site-specific live-feed video performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). The performance was confined to a small loft storage area stacked with the supplies and detritus of the museum. The work questions the nature of live performance and viewer expectation; the chosen “stage” inverts the gallery presentation format typically used by MOCAD and other museums, and brings to focus the mundane materials such as a ladder, packing tape, plastic bubble wrap and cardboard sheets and boxes used in the daily business of running a museum.